Works made with rustic materials recovered

Massimo, encountering antiques or simply old items, was able to read the hidden poetry.
Now he retrieves objects and materials, and recycles them for building works.
His Lamp of Luck, made ​​with horseshoes used by our horses, took part in 2011 in the second edition of the competition "Il sapere nelle mani".
If you are interested in her works, please contact us!

Massimo's works

Chopping boards from wood of olive tree

Sometimes we must cut our olive tree, or we must prune those more intensely.
Massimo keeps the wood and sculpts beautiful chopping boards.
He makes them shine using the same oil from the olive trees.

Massimo's chopping boards

Recovery of ancient doors

Some time ago, thinking about what to put as head of the bed, Karim came to mind the image of a beautiful old door and some of the old farmhouse.
He began to look for: he shall finally found one among many that struck him. It was an old door of an abandoned castle, burned at the base as if you were miraculously saved from the fire.
He restored it and now I can see it in her room.
But many of those doors are left to him.
The old door recalls the history, the lives of the old families, that would meet in the evening in front of the fireplace, and the lives of all those who crossed.
Hence the desire to give them a life, maybe even turn them into a picture, a table, or a simple piece of furniture.
Now then Karim is dedicated to this activity.
If you are interested, ask us about!

Karim's works